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The WYSC board is an all-volunteer group of interested adults who work to provide opportunities for the children of the Whitewater Unified school District to participate in organized fall and spring soccer activities. The club is always looking for good people willing to join the board, coach, referee, or otherwise support the club’s operations. We can use your help! Email -

President — Jessica Osario —

Vice President — Tony Aranda —
Phone: 262-510-1465

Registrar — Stacey Henneman — — (262) 949-1698
1. Hold face-to-face registration(s) and manage mail-in option registration each year. Must be completed between May and July 8th (at the latest).
2. Collect all fees for registration and apparel. Keep records of income and pass on to the treasurer in a timely fashion.
3. Recreate, and update a payment plan for individuals in need. Pass collection information on to the treasurer for future collection.
4. Log all players, coaches, fields, board members and teams into the stateline computer program and transfer disk information to the stateline registrar. Teams, Fields, Volunteers (Coaches and board members) must be in to stateline by mid-July. Players and updated changes to teams, fields, board members and coaches must be completed and transferred to stateline by early September.
5. Order all non-traveling and traveling apparel needed for games.
Team shirts for non-traveling
Jerseys, socks and shorts for traveling
Coaches T-shirts (all red)
6. Distribute all apparel needed to coaches for all of their players.
7. Complete and distribute game day rosters to all coaches. (Team lists)
8. Distribute registration forms of all players to appropriate coaches.
9. Complete and distribute all players’ cards with pictures to appropriate coaches. All traveling players must have a player’s card.
10. Organize all players registered in time for team making meeting with the board. Separate by identified teams, requests, age groups, gender etc.
11. Provide contact information to Secretary for distrubiting club wide information.

Secretary — Deana Grall -
1. Attend scheduled board meetings
2. Prepare and distribute meeting minutes
3. Prepare and maintain parent/player database
4. Prepare and communicate with parents via email

Treasurer — Sarah Schlicher -
1. Pay bills in timely fashion
2. Pay Referees based on information from Head Referee
3. Reimburse club members when provided with a receipt for expenses.
4. Monitor checking account, tracking debits and credits.
5. Prepare estimated budget/expenses for the year.
6. Maintain financial records, bank statements, expenses, and income.
7. Process billing and track payment plan.
8. Coordinate Portapots with Dir. of Fields for drop off and pick up.
9. Attend board meetings as scheduled

Head of Coaches — Jenny Rule -
2. Assure and maintain records on coaches eligibility and contact information.
3. Notify and maintain records of all coaching instruction options.
4. Organize and publish all practice schedules and non-traveling game schedules.
5. Organize and conduct fall and spring coaches meetings.
6. Communicate with coaches about club activities.
7. Handle and/or refer all coach complaints with/to the Board of Directors
8. Inventory, assign, collect, evaluate and order all equipment and first aid supplies.
9. Attend all Board of Director meetings as called.

Field Marshall — Nicole Grosinske -
1. Measure and mark all fields per the guidelines and sizes provided for each level. (This is to be done at least one week prior to the first non-traveling as well as Stateline scheduled games, weather permitting.)
2. Line all fields, or organize people to line, prior to the scheduled games for the entire fall/spring season.
3. Goal placement and staking down on the fields at least one week prior to (weather permitting) the fall/spring seasons.
4. Net all goals at least one week prior to (weather permitting) the fall/spring seasons.
5. Maintain nets on the goals throughout the fall/spring season. (fix 'holes', reattach where they might have come loose, etc)
6. Removal and storage of nets at the end of fall/spring seasons.
7. Goal maintenance when needed. (prior to some seasons some goals might need to be sanded and repainted)
8. Arrangements for goal storage at the end of fall/spring seasons.
9. Ordering goal and field equipment when needed.
10. Coordinate maintenance such as fertilizer/sod as needed

Head of Referees — Mark Korf —
1. Must have level 8 ref. license.
2. Works with president on scheduling of traveling games and any non-traveling requiring referees.
3. Schedules referees for Whitewater youth soccer home games.
4. Attends Stateline referee meetings monthly.
5. Attends Whitewater Youth Soccer board meetings.
6. Recruits new referees.Works with coaches for any rescheduled games.
7. Works with coaches for any rescheduled games.

Directory of Activities — Open
1. Coordinate and schedule team/iindividual Pictures (Spring)
2. Coordinate and Soccer camps (summer/winter)
3. Facilitate club picnic in May or June (end of regular season)
4. Other activities as identified by the board

Director of Fundraising — Open
1. 4th of July food booth at fair.
2. Manage club Clothing and merchandise sales and inventory
3. Soccer Complex fundraisers
4. Other

Webmaster — Open
1. Procuring web hosting for WYSC website
2. Maintaining club domain registrations ( and
3. Designing WYSC club website
4. Creating webpages and updating club website content as directed by the board (includes information about WYSC activities and events, teams, coaches, team schedules, club policies, merchandise, and other information.)