Staying Safe Playing Soccer - Fall 2020

Below are a few of the precautions that we are taking at Whitewater Youth Soccer Club to protect players, coaches and their families during the Covid-19 Pandemic. These precautions have been provided by Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA)

in consultation with local health departments.

1. Contact Tracing - Attendance taking for practices and games is MANDATORY. Why? Because if a player tests positive, the County Public Health Departments are required to conduct contact tracing. Having attendance sheets to fall back on will make it easier for you as the coach to say who was at practice on certain nights and who was not. If we can make it as easy as possible to assist the County Health Departments to track things down, we ABSOLUTELY need to do that.

2. Practices - WYSA wants all parents to drop and go. What does that mean? Parents are to drop the players off at practice and then either leave or sit in their car. WYSA does not want parents congregating on the fields. But what about my u5 or u6 player? WYSA wants the same. Let's talk reality, Parents will want to stay and watch these young children. If they stay, they will ABSOLUTELY NEED TO SOCIAL DISTANCE, or wear a mask. 

3. Coaches - Coaches WILL BE REQUIRED to wear a mask at ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES. Why? Coaches when coaching, will be entering the 6 foot social distancing space. 

4. Games - NO TEAM BENCHES, Whether collapsible or permanent. Set cones out or paint white dots for the players to set their gear by. Games are to be spaced no closer than 15 minutes apart. I would strongly recommend every 30 minutes between the conclusion of one game and the start of the next. It will allow for parents and teams to move out and the next group to arrive.

5. Parents/Spectators - WYSA is limiting the number of attendees at games to ONE Spectator. Spectators will be required to sit no closer than 6 feet apart and masks are required by spectators. 

6. Players - Players are being required to wear masks when on the sidelines.

7. Sanitizing - Please make sure you have a sanitizing station for players and coaches. Hand Sanitizer and Ball sanitizer are a must. We have asked that parents provide their players their own sanitizer, if they can find it, so it alleviates the amount clubs will need to purchase over the duration of this. 

We understand that there are people that will disagree with some of the policies, particularly the mask requirements. Clubs are being asked to self police. Referees are not going to be required to police any of the requirements as the vast majority of them are youth aged referees and do not need to deal with those that disagree with the policies.  WYSA will be sending out a formal document outlining the requirements. 

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