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Working Together!

Take advantage of an opportunity to make a difference. Join us on our fundraising efforts to benefit our soccer club, update our fields, buy new equipment, and start a concession stand. 


Thank you to everyone who came out to support our Back to Soccer event as well as everyone who contributed by donating baskets, time helping at the event, setting up, cleaning up, etc. it all is so helpful to make the event work. 

Thank you to the following families/companies for donating baskets or gift certificates:  Jennie McEndree, Linos family, DeLazzer family, Dreksler family, FCCU (Kevin Paynter), Stevens family, Acorn Beverage, Coach Alexis, Kejo family, Jessica's restaurant, Jennifer Hibbs, Walmart, True Value, and ME & My Pets. Thank you to the Boudreau family, Isbell family and Coach AJ for giving cash donations on the day of the event. Also, another huge thank you to the Kincaid family for their generous donation of $500 to cover our food and expenses for the entire event! We wouldn't be able to have this event without everyone's help and support.  We truly have amazing soccer families that give to our community and it is very greatly appreciated.  We raised over $1600.00 at this event!

Thank you to coaches Alexis, Sintia, Jesse and Tony for getting in the dunk tank!  The kids really love that we do this at the event and we appreciate the coaches getting in the chilly water. Thank you Jessica Stevens for grilling for everyone during the event!

Another thank you to the Rowley family for donating back their winnings in the 50/50 raffle, as well as Aaron donating back all of his winnings from the penalty shootout contest and footgolf contest (over $200).

We apologize if I missed anyone or any family.  Again, we appreciate everyone so much for their help and donations, and wouldn't be able to do this without our great families.

Kwik Trip Scrip Gift Card Program allows Whitewater United FC to purchase Kwik Trip Gift Cards at a discount. Our players sell the Scrip Gift Cards at face value and our club earns the profit. In addition, our club earns an additional 10% rebate when cards are used for purchase in-store merchandise with their Scrip cards!

We will collect orders and money from supporters before purchasing Scrip Cards. This helps to ensure that there will not be extra inventory and funds are collected upfront. For your convenience, we have pre-sell forms for you to use.

Our current order is due by May 18, 2022. Pre-sell forms and funds can be turned in to Alexis Ruchti on May 18th between 5:30 pm-6:00 pm by U8-U12 game fields. Additionally, please be sure to include a parent's name, child's team name, and total cards. Players will receive cards by May 27th. Questions can be directed to Alexis via text or call at 608-921-4348.

Team Apparel is another part of our fundraising efforts. All orders are delivered to your address and Whitewater United FC receives a percentage back from sales. Check out below! 

Thank you for supporting Whitewater United FC

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