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Registration for Whitewater United FC Select teams is CLOSED


Register online to ensure a quick check-in process at tryouts. The cost is a one-time fee of $25 (non-refundable).  

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to check-in each day. Players will be assigned a number on the first day to use througho
ut tryouts. These player numbers are used by coaches when making player selections. Selected players will be identified by their assigned numbers.

Players are strongly encouraged to attend the 3 days of tryouts. Players must attend at least one for evaluation. Tryouts are held rain or shine. No make-up tryouts will be held.

Please review Select Team information! See you at the field!

Whitewater United FC Select

Our competitive program will provide players from U12-U15 a higher-level of instruction on all aspects and phases of soccer. This is accomplished by using a "player" focused approach instead of a "coaching" focused approach. The player focused approach will allow the players to develop their own understanding of the game. During a training session, the players will not participate in drills as they have in the past, instead they will participate in more game like training. This type of training helps players develop better soccer skills and read the game better. Our teams are led by our US Soccer licensed coaches who understand and love the game of soccer. 

Time Commitment: A competitive player is expected to participate in 2-3 practices per week and games that could be played on weekends or weekdays. As a competitive team there will be additional trainings and tournaments as directed by coaches. If a player has a lack of participation or lack of effort during practice or training this could jeopardize a player's ability to develop or maintain skill sets that will help his or her team. It could also jeopardize the players playing time on the pitch. Most training and practices will be held in Whitewater. However, the games could be with in a 2-hour radius from Whitewater. Most games will be played in Southeast Wisconsin. The commitment of a competitive player is a different level of commitment for both the player and parents. This level of commitment is not the same as a casual commitment.

Playing time: As a competitive team and player there is no guaranteed playing time. It is expected that the coaches make the best decision for the team regarding individual playing time. The amount of playing time could be determined by effort, attendance at practices, behavior on and off the field, good attitude, sportsmanship, and skill level.

· Summer: During the summer players would be asked to attend team camps and skill-specific training session. Depending on the coach and their preference there may be practices and a pre-session tournament.

· Fall: The players of the competitive team will come together for pre-season practices starting in late July or early August. Game play typically start after Labor Day. Each coach will be responsible for making their own practice schedule. Coaches in the past have held practice 2-3 per week. Games are normally played on Saturdays, but there might be an occasional Sunday game. The furthest that the team will travel for a game is about 2 hours, most games will be less then 2hrs. However, tournament play maybe further a way and require overnight stays.

· Winter: The team may offer indoor soccer, not include in the registration fees. There will also be training sessions during the winter months if the coach prefers. There will be no practice session around the winter holidays. 

· Spring: Team training and practices will start mid-February.

If your child qualifies for Select, they should have received an offer to play on the Select team.  

Competitive Soccer FAQs

What should we bring to the tryouts?

o Cleats

o Shin guards

o Soccer ball

o Water

o Filled out paperwork

How does the player evaluation process work?

o When a player shows up for their age groups tryout period, they will come over to the registration table and be assigned a number to wear on their back. This number will be used by the coaches, training partners and board members to evaluate each player. During the tryout period each player will be evaluated on in four primary areas

  • Metal dimensions (character, leadership, and discipline)

  • Physical dimensions (strength, endurance, and speed)

  • Technical competence (soccer skills both on and off the ball)

  • Playmaking abilities and positional play (making runs, timing of runs, and reading the game)

Why Play Competitive Soccer?

o Competitive soccer is another option for kids in the area not only to play soccer, but to play at a higher level of competition. The goal of a competitive soccer team is to challenge players to reach their maximum potential through training and high-level competition. All areas of skill development, team tactics, fair play, sportsmanship, teamwork, and the development of each player's character are focused on during training sessions and games. But the most important reason to play competitive soccer is….. it is all about FUN!

What if my child plays multiple sports?

o We believe in allowing our players, especially at the younger ages, to play multiple sports.  Overall motor skills development, coordination and agility can be greatly affected by playing sports of differing demands.  Coaches understand these opportunities build a more rounded athlete that ultimately benefit the player in the long run. Please let your coaches know if you play multiple sports so they can help develop a path for the players success in all sports.

How many tryouts does a player need to go to?

o Players are required to make at least one tryout in order to be considered for placement on a team. However, the more tryouts that a player can attend the better the opportunity they have to exhibit their skills. We offer (4) four different tryout dates and players are welcome to attend each tryout. The number you are giving on your first day will be the number you use for all tryouts for our club.

What if my child does not make the team, can they still play recreational soccer?

Yes, one of our goals is to provide developmentally appropriate soccer opportunities to all soccer players. Players who do not make the competitive team can still sign up for the recreational teams without paying any late fees.

If my child is rostered with the recreational team is there a chance they can play for the competitive team?

o Yes, in the case that a recreational player develops enough to be invited to play on the competitive team the coaches will reach out to the parents and see if they would like to make the move. The other case would be that if our competitive team has a game/tournament and needs extra players the coach may ask to "borrow" a player or two if the schedules allow. This would also be true for a competitive player who is "borrowed" to play in a recreational game.

Is there training required outside of the typical training sessions?

Depending on the coach there might be at home training the players are expected to do. The coach will talk about this with the players and parents during the pre-season team meeting.



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