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Q: What does a soccer season like?

A: For all ages, registration is held in June, teams are formed mid-summer, then those teams play together both in the fall and following spring. Practices usually start around mid-August, with games scheduled for 7 weeks in the fall (approximately Sept and October) and 7 weeks in the spring (approximately mid-April to the first week in June). Focus is on fun, good sportsmanship, teamwork and skill development for all.

What is the cost?

A: For the 2023-2024 recreational season our rates are as follows: Non-traveling U6: $85, Non-traveling, U8: $85, Traveling U9-U12: $125, Development U13, U14 & U15: $175.

(Amazingly low when you consider that this includes BOTH a fall and spring season of play, as well as uniform costs!)

Are there any additional expenses?

A: Your child will need to purchase their own shin guards, soccer shoes and soccer ball. Also, some traveling teams (U9 and older) may choose to participate in tournaments, which may add additional costs, (usually around $15-$20 per player.)

What are the levels?

Non-traveling Teams > Girls and Co-ed  ("In-house")              

  • U6 & U8 Birth years 2016-2018

Recreational Teams U9 - U12 (Girls and Boys/Coed) 

  • Birth years 2012-2015

  • Practice: 2 days per week - set by coach

  • Games: Typically, 1 per week on Sat. (Some games are played on Sun.)

Development Teams U13-U15

  • Birth years 2009-2011

Click on these links for information on:

> Age Eligibility Chart: US Soccer Birth Year & Season Matrix

What is offside?

This rule is enforced starting at the U9 level. Here is an interactive guide to help better understand Soccer Law 11 — Offside: Offside rule explained (youtube video)

US Youth Soccer Quick Tips Pocket Guide - Game time guide to rules & players


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